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Did you know that a long tradition of eating a sandwich with fresh butter, has a heroic story?

There is established fact that the sandwich (from the German Butterbrot - bread and butter) was invented by the Polish astronomer Copernicus, for medical purpose. Had being commandant of the castle in Olsztyn in 1520, besieged by the Teutonic Knights, he was ordered to smear butter on bread and give to the habitants that saved people from starvation and immediately stopped the epidemic.

According to legend, the tradition "morning bread and butter" in Russia was brought by the Russian military winners of great general Alexander Suvorov, after suppressing the Polish uprising.

October 29, 1794 on the banks of the Vistula River Polish magistrate brought to Suvorov bread and salt, and keys of the city - a symbol of the surrender of Warsaw. The victory in the Polish campaign brought to Suvorov the title of Field Marshal.

But the Russian people received as a gift the morning recipe of nice spirits - begin yourself day with a piece of butter, spread on crusty bread!

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